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The consultants of Organic Concept are each proud members of the International Organic Inspectors Association.


Organic Concepts is a member of the Organic Trade Association

Reaching the Summit: Organic Certification

Companies often start the trek to USDA organic certification alone. Only to discover that the terrain is rocky and they don't have a good map.

Relying on an experienced guide can make this journey trouble-free. The experienced consultants at Organic Concepts have provided operational, regulatory and strategic guidance to hundreds of leading companies on this path.
We bring decades of experience in organic inspection and certification consulting to your enterprise. We know US and international regulations and what inspectors look for. We know the common mistakes, and what’s smart and safe when it comes to getting and maintaining organic certification.   
Developing, implementing and maintaining an organic certification program is not easy. We'll guide you in the best direction to get certified quickly and confidently. You can rely on us to do the planning, take care of all the details and prevent detours and delays. Saving you time and money.
So whether you are just getting started or stuck on a thorny point, don’t go it alone. Call us to discuss your organic certification needs and we'll get you going on the right path. Read about our comprehensive support for your business:- Farmers & Ranchers, Processors or Retailers.
Organic Concepts: Solving your challenges, supporting your growth.

Already certified and need a refresher on regulatory updates? Need quick training to bring your people up to speed? Check out our training services and products at Organic Education Solutions.  


Notice of Non-Compliance Organic Certification?
If your company received a notice of non-compliance from your accredited certification agency, your certification may be at risk. Organic Concepts can guide you out of this tough spot and help you move forward quickly. Call us today at 813-422-5533 to discuss your situation.
Client Testimonial


Jake Lewin
Certification Services Director
CCOF Santa Cruz, CA

"Organic Concepts is a powerhouse of talent and integrity.

The senior partners of Organic Concepts have made my professional life easier and more enjoyable for years.

I have worked with the principals of Organic Concepts in various capacities for almost 10 years.

As consultants, instructors, quality managers, and professionals they have improved our company and I've seen them support a variety of organic businesses."


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